Your Remote Team Members


Emma has been with your organisation for 4 years. She is generally a high performer and has given no cause for concern in the past.

She is currently working from home and would like to continue to do so.

Emma describes herself as an ‘early adopter’ and always has the latest tech.

She describes herself as an introvert but does engage well with the team when needed.

She has a tendency to question change or new initiatives


Jenny joined your organisation in March 2020, right at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Her first day in the organisation was during lockdown. She is currently working from home and, as yet, has not been into the office. You haven’t met her in person since her final interview.

You find it difficult to communicate with her as she often seems pretty distant. She doesn’t seem to engage to well when you get the team together for virtual meetings.

Some of her recent work has also given you some cause for concern.


Sandra is a graduate who joined your team 8 months ago. She is incredibly willing to learn and has shown real promise.

Sandra is currently working in the office for 2 weeks and at home for 2 weeks.

She recently had a bereavement in the family, and you have noticed this has impacted her normal behaviour.

She is typically very sociable in the office and everyone seems to like her.


Ed is field-based so has always spent the majority of his time working remotely. He popped into the office probably once a week.

He finds it easy to self-manage himself. He communicates well and you always know what he is up to and the progress he is making.

He is well-liked and has recently been proactively supporting other members of the team by providing helpful advice and guidance about working remotely


Joe has been with your organisation for 25 years. He has worked in a number of roles in this time.

Joe, in his own words, ‘struggles with technology’. This has been evident in recent years as new systems are brought online. He is never negative about change but does ask for extra support.

Joe is working from home but has openly said he wants to get back to the office.

He tends to keep himself to himself and get on with the tasks in hand. This still appears to be the same right now.


Ken's role requires him to be based at the office. He can’t work from home.

In recent months there has been long periods of time where he has been the only person from your team at the office. He is rarely able to join virtual meetings as many people are now relying on him more than usual for tasks in the office.

He generally thrives in a team environment and has openly admitted that he has struggled to work alone. The quality of his work has taken a bit of a dip in recent times.

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