Exercise 2

Tools - Personality Profile
I prefer other people to be direct and to the point *
I'm enthusiastic about new projects *
I find it hard to deal with criticism *
I like clear, logical and detailed instructions *
I prefer to be in charge or in control *
I often take risks to get a result, especially if I think it will help achieve a goal *
I have a small group of friends or colleagues that I'm very loyal to *
I'd rather do things right than quickly *
I'm determined to get a results when working on tasks *
I prefer to create visions of future possibilities rather than plan how to get there *
I have the ability to stay calm and balanced *
I like to be consistent *
I use initiative and like to be resourceful *
I like to talk and share my thoughts and ideas with others *
I like to work with the same group of people *
I prefer to work to a routine *
I would describe myself as competitive *
I like to promote new ideas (especially if they are mine) *
I tend to agree with other peoples Ideas (especially if it strengthens a relationship) *
I need to understand the reasons behind ideas before I'll get on board *
I prefer to find fixes to problems rather than investigate why they happened *
People knowing and recognising me is important to me *
I tend to go with the majority rather than push my own agenda *
I need the facts before I'll make a decision or commit to a task *
When I invest time doing something I need to see results *
I enjoy being in the middle of tasks rather than on the outside looking in *
I dislike confrontation and avoid it when I can *
I describe myself as conscientious *
I'm more action focused than thinking focused *
I like to work on a variety of tasks rather than just one *
I take others feelings into account when making decisions *
I strive for perfection rather than results *
I'd rather make decisions on the spot than think about them *
I would describe myself as being spontaneous *
I take time to nurture relationships *
I need details and tend to communicate using lots of it *
I'm persistent when it comes to getting a result *
I would describe myself as inspirational when I communicate *
I like people to get along and will help others build relationships *
I analyse problems or tasks in detail before deciding what to do *