Exercise 1

Tools - Influencing Styles
1. I like the logic of my argument to speak for itself. *
2. I am comfortable with stating my needs and being explicit about what I want. *
3. My body language tends to be expressive and expansive when I get going. *
4. I am happy to disclose information about my own thoughts and feelings. *
5. I like to highlight the common ground that exists between myself and the other people I am talking with. *
6. I remain calm and composed and relatively unemotional. *
7. I like to use my physical presence to back up what I am saying. *
8. Before launching in with my own options, I like to explore what other people are thinking and feeling. *
9. I like to get carried away with the excitement of my subject. *
10. I am not afraid to appear forceful in pushing my point across. *
11. I like to point out evidence that supports my argument. *
12. I like to keep my voice crisp and firm, so that people know I am serious about what I am saying. *
13. I like to listen actively to what other people are saying. *
14. I like to get the “big picture” across to other people, and paint pictures of the possibilities. *
15. I like my body language and tone of voice to display concern and empathy. *
16. I like to keep an even and measured tone of voice like a newscaster. *
17. I like to make people aware of the rewards and consequences of agreeing (or not) with my suggestions. *
18. I find it easy to give others prompt feedback in order to guide their behaviour. *
19. I like to structure my argument and label the points I am making a…b…c…, 1…2…3…, etc. *
20. I like to phrase my case in language that is concise, unemotional and business-like. *
21. When I have a vision of what could be achieved, I like to gather people around and share it with them. *
22. I like the pitch and intonation of my voice to convey the excitement of what I am saying and feeling. *
23. I like to keep flexible and open minded in my discussions with others. *
24. I find it easy to remain calm and focus on the ‘here and now’ of one-to-one conversations. *