Exercise 4

Tools - Time Management Profile
I keep a TO-DO list that indicates High/ Medium/ Low degrees of importance. I take care of the H and M's first.
I plan in an appointment with myself for some thinking time each day. I protect this time as if it were as critical as an appointment with my boss or an important client or customer.
My desk is organised so that I know how to get to materials and information I need important tasks easily.
I have a plan for each week and month and each day, to plan in sufficient advance time for important deadlines or projects.
I can delegate tasks in ways that get the job done and make people feel happy to be included in the process.
I seem able to prioritise multiple tasks by asking a few questions about how they relate to the over-all goals of a team or business.
I maintain strong relationships with other people and work groups to help me know what the competition and others are doing, in order to have better information for prioritising my many tasks.
I make judgments about what to do first based on what's most important to the business, not on who's complaining the loudest
I have a clear calendar that I follow every day, with contingency time built in for the day's emergencies and glitches.
I get enough sleep each night