Reactivating a Booking That You Cancelled

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This article describes how to reactivate a booking that you previously cancelled

Locating Your Booking

To reactivate a booking you first need to locate it.

You can find all of the bookings you have made on the homepage of My Revolution Learning and Development. You will need to login to view these.

From the list, locate the booking you want to reactivate and click the view button.

This will take you to the booking overview.

Reactivate Your Booking

From the booking overview, click reactivate from the booking actions section.
This will take you to a confirmation screen to check you would like to reactivate your booking.

Then click submit to confirm. This will reactivate your booking.


There are some conditions where we won’t be able to process a reactivation. If this is the case a popup will show when you click the reactivate button. If you see this then please contact us and we can look to reactivate your booking for you.
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