How to Edit a Booking

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This article shows how to make changes to a booking that you have made with us.

Selecting the Booking to Edit

To make changes to your booking you first need to locate it. You can find all of the bookings you have made on the homepage of My Revolution Learning and Development. You will need to login to view these.

From the list, locate the booking you want to amend and click the view button.

This will take you to the booking overview.

From the booking overview, click edit from the booking actions section.

This will take you to the booking form that holds all of the details you input when creating the booking.

Editing the Details

To make changes, overwrite the fields you need to change with the new details.

Follow through the first 2 pages of the form. Finally, reconfirm everything.

When you are happy with your changes, click update.


Depending on what type of course you booked, the terms and conditions of booking may prevent you from making certain changes. For example, if there are 14 days or less to the course date for face to face courses or 24 hours or less for online courses, you will be unable to remove delegates from the booking.

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