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This article describes how to cancel a booking you have made.

Locating Your Booking

To cancel a booking you first need to locate it.

You can find all of the bookings you have made on the homepage of My Revolution Learning and Development. You will need to login to view these.

This functionality is only available in the account of the person that booked the course and not in individual delegate accounts

From the list, locate the booking you want to cancel and click the view button.

This will take you to the booking overview.

Cancel Your Booking

From the booking overview, click cancel from the booking actions section.

If there are 14 days or less to the course date for face to face bookings or 24 hours or less for online courses, the terms and conditions of booking mean that you cannot cancel, move or remove delegates form your booking and the cancel button will not work.

The cancel button will take you to a cancel form. Please provide us with some feedback about why you are cancelling. 

Click the box to confirm that you would like to cancel then click Submit to process.

Your booking will cancel immediately and the next screen will confirm this.

Refund of Payment

If you booked a face to face course or an online course and opted to pay by invoice, there is nothing else you need to do. In the case where an invoice has already been issued, we can either cancel this or provide a refund via the payment method you made your payment with. We will be in touch to check this with you.

If you booked an online course and made payment by card, we will process a refund within 48 hours.

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